Couple strolling on the beach at sunset at Hotel Ajman

Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotels

we turn your dreams to reality

We are not only in the Hotel business we are in the business of providing a service of excellence combined with outstanding craftsmanship skills. Blazon creates those magical ‘memorable moments’. Whether it is to be scattered with roses for that romantic proposal to your preferred linen or choice of room, view and elite furniture décor services, its all ready for you.
Our Motto is whatever you want ‘anything is available’ ‘anytime you want it‘
creating flexible services around the clock for the affluent traveller.
Although Blazon Hotels are new in uniqueness as an exciting start-up it is envisaged they will last and will be around for the next 100 years.
Blazon is a unique brand inspired by the eclectic founders to create a hotel that puts its customers first second and last, a Hotel that delivers a consistent 24 hour customer service in a world where success and acquired wealth demands luxury.
A place chosen repeatedly for its classy unique combination and luxurious surroundings. A place where planning and precision is crucial to ensure we consistently deliver the best. We believe Hotel craftsmanship is an art that needs to be constantly finally tuned.